About Me

Hi! My name is Rich Prendergast. Like many other atheists, I’m a deconverted Christian. I was born an atheist (as is everyone), raised Catholic, and in my mid-teens, left the Catholic Church for a Protestant denomination (Congregational United Church of Christ) and shortly thereafter, became a “Born Again Christian”. I became “Unborn Again” in my early 50’s. I describe my deconversion in https://unapologetics.org/2020/01/16/born-again-and-unborn-again-my-conversion-deconversion/

Views are my own. I will offer special thanks to a few prominent atheists & agnostics, most notably (though not limited to) Carl Sagan, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, and Matt Dillahunty, each of whose work has helped inform and shape my own perspectives. Readers may recognize some of their influences in my writings.


  • B.S. Sociology, Illinois State University, 1977.
  • B.S. Physics, Bradley University, 1983.
  • M.S. Systems Engineering, Texas Tech University, 1995.


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