Why Do Atheists Care?

In response to criticisms by atheists, theists frequently ask the question, ”Why do atheists care?” This is often supplemented with ”Why do atheists spend so much time attacking a god in whom they say they don’t believe?” Some further express the opinion that either we hate god, or we’re just trying to convince ourselves of our disbelief. Those opinions are, of course, logical fallacies (attacking the motives).

I won’t presume to speak for all atheists, but for many of us, the answer to the question of why we care is simple. We care because of theists’ incessant efforts to:

  1. Install their icons in our public spaces
  2. Teach their mythology in our science classes
  3. Push prayer in our public schools and government meetings
  4. Discriminate against others based on narrow-minded prejudice (cloaked always in sanctimony)
  5. Set public policy based on the musings of ancient men.
  6. And for many, transform our nation into a theocracy

The moment theists cease these efforts, is the moment I stop caring.

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